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  • Tooling Arm (Small} (120)
    Grinder Tooling Arm - Steel Tubing 1.5 x 1.5" - Fits Das Toobinator and DiY Grinders
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Side Note:

Our version of the 2×72″ belt grinder made with 2″ square tubing as described in Dan Comeau’s blog.
Carefully compare our features to competitors’ machines made with tubing! Be careful before you buy, you may purchase a piece of junk from someone else for a lot more $$$! If you’re not technically inclined, have someone who is carefully compare our machine to others, our features are hands down the best when it comes to tubing grinders. Also feel free to shoot us any questions you may have, we’ll gladly explain where our copycat competitors go hopelessly wrong. It’s amazing to see that some of our competitors call themselves “engineers”, while their parts are poorly designed, cheaply made & over priced. The superiority of our machine is outlined below, note how our competitors cannot even come close:


  • TOOBINATOR: our chassis is powder coated Competitors: rattle can painted (think sparks, then after a few weeks: rust).
  • TOOBINATOR: 3/8″ thick steel D-plate (the part to which the idler wheels & platen connects). Competitors: puny 1/4″ thick flimsy contraption!
  • TOOBINATOR: our D-plate tilts forwards & backwards to grind bevels. Competitors: No tilt at all! CHEAP!
  • TOOBINATOR: our D-plate is DRILLED & TAPPED, the ONLY way to attach the axles. Competitors: “Drilled holes”…. Cheap & nasty manufacturing at its best.
  • TOOBINATOR: our D-plate allows ample room for slack belt grinding. Competitors: No room for slack belt grinding! Also note how they use stacks of washers to space their L-Bracket & idler wheels from their D-plate, absolutely terrible!!!
  • TOOBINATOR: 8″ long platen, 2″ wide. Competitors: 7″ long platen…
  • TOOBINATOR: Ergonomic push down handle on tension beam. Competitors: “push down on tracking wheel”….
  • TOOBINATOR: Heavy duty bungs with 3/8″ deep threads on clamping knob bolts & on tracking mechanism. Competitors: tapped holes straight through tubing walls, so only 1/4″ deep thread, or nuts welded on… SHOCKING!
  • TOOBINATOR: Uses accessories from most major manufacturers. Competitors: You’re stuck with their parts!
  • OUR MOTOR: 1.5 hp, single phase, TOTALLY ENCLOSED FAN COOLED, 3450rpm. Competitors: OPEN motor, dangerous!!!
Weight55 lbs
Dimensions26 × 20 × 12 in


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