The first part to get the belt tracking properly is to make sure you have your wheels properly aligned. All the wheels will be aligned to the Drive Wheel. Now that we established that the drive wheel is the center point, the easiest way to align the wheels is to use a straightedge.

Straightedge Tip!

- The straightedge could be anything straight such as a broom handle, a piece of plastic pipe, a piece of wood, etc.

You can use rubber bands or a clamp to attach the straightedge to the drive wheel. It is very IMPORTANT that the straightedge is FLUSH against the Drive Wheel.  At this point, the straightedge should not touch the idler wheel. It is okay to lay the straight edge on top of the bottom idler wheel if the drive wheel is misaligned to the left.

Attaching To Drive Wheel Tip!

- You can just push the straight edge against the drive wheel, no need to actually attach it to the drive wheel


The straightedge should not TOUCH the front lower idler wheel

Wheel Alignment Step by Step

  1. Attached a straight edge Flush with the drive wheel
  2. The straight edge should not touch the lower idler wheel
  3. If the idler wheel is misaligned with the Drive Wheel make an adjustment
  4. Depending on the alignment issue there are three adjustments
    1. Move the motor sideways Left or right
    2. Move the Drive wheel in or out on the motor shaft
    3. Rotate the motor base Left or Right
  5. Once the wheels are aligned tighten the drive wheel on the motor shaft
  6. Depending on your setup bolt the motor to the table
  7. Or bolt the motor the the motor plate
  8. Check wheel alignment again
  9. Make small adjustments if needed

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