General Tip!

Always adjust tracking by hand (moving the belt by hand) before starting your grinder to avoid injury to yourself or damage to your equipment

Toobinator Belt Tension

Belt Tension is the most common reason why users can’t get the belt to track. 

Make sure there is tension on the belt. To do so you need to push the tension arm down and pull the tooling arm out, lock the tooling arm before you let go of the tension arm. The gas strut or spring will put tension on the belt

Keep in mind the belt also plays a huge role in belt tracking because belts will run on different spots on the different wheels depending on what accessories you’re running and also what type of belt you’re using (some belts have a stiffer backing than others). This is no issue whatsoever, the object is to have the belt track correctly over whatever accessory you’re using, nothing else matters.

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